About Us

His Royal Highness Sheikh Sultan Al- Qasimi

Managing Partner

Sheikh Sultan graduated in Economics in the UK in 1973.

Sheikh Sultan has held number of senior positions including serving on the Economic Advisory Board to the ruler His Royal Highness of Sharjah, Director General of Civil Aviation in the Government of Sharjah.

Sheikh Sultan has also held several further positions including Deputy Chairman positions in The Central Department of Finance, The Administration Department, Internal Audit, and additionally as Chairman of the Economic Department and Executive Director of the National Bank of Sharjah.

Sheshanie Madugalle

Founder / Managing Partner

She has 20 years working experience, holding number of different positions including Lecturer in several subjects, Senior Business Development Executive, Marketing Executive and Business Consultant with a wide range of International Organizations. She has worked in several locations around the World including United Arab Emirates, The Maldives, Sri Lanka and The United States.

She is the holder of Diplomas in Psychology, Primary Teacher Training, Graphic Designing and Web Programming. She also holds The Professional Certificate in Effective Communications and Human Resources/Skills for success. She is currently studying for an MBA major in Marketing at The Edinburgh Business School at Heriot Watt University.

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