Executive Coaching session topics

- Analysis of your situation, your role, challenges, stakeholder, network
- Analysis of your future options, next steps
- Stakeholder interviews, debriefing of existing assessments, outside perspectives
- Purpose / Vision / Mission / Values
- Definition of areas for improvement and leadership development
- Leadership branding
- Strategic network development
- Leadership and Team Management
- Leadership and People Management
- Teamwork

- Conflict Management - Motivation - Train the Trainers - Diversity and Dignity at Work - Safety Awareness at Work
- Nonverbal Communication for Leaders and Negotiators
- Advanced negotiation skills
- Conflict Management skills
- Teamwork and Team building
- Understanding and recovering from trauma and grief
- How to use Emotional Intelligence to improve our life and work environment
- Coaching and mentoring for employees and Personal improvement skills (such as work-life balance and stress management).

Financial Training Programs

- Investment management
- Asset Management
- Alternative Investments
- Options
- Fundamental Analysis
- Technical Analysis
- Trading

- Wealth Management
- CAIA, levels 1 & 2
- FRM, Part 1 & 2
- CFA, Level 1
- Coaching on various specific areas of financial management – Risk Management in Banks and Financial Institutions.
- Credit risk, Counterparty Credit risk, Treasury Risk, Derivatives and risk management, Operational Risk, Liquidity risk.

COVID-19 Aware: DS Learning Academy is fully COVID compliant, and our online classes provide a safe and secure studying environment for everyone. We also feel that the growth and availability of online learning allows the flexibility for people with a busy schedule to study in a safe familiar place ensuring that they can continue their studies.

What we offer for you


Training for the 21st Century.

We think it’s important to have a global approach in both our training and our team. Our lecturers and tutors are truly globally experienced. They have conducted trainings in several different countries, such as Austria, The United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, Spain and USA. They are all united by one strong belief – the power of learning to change lives. A philosophy of being united, global, and truly international is what brought this group of esteemed professionals together to create DS Learning Academy. We teach without discrimination or prejudice, and our balanced world means any course with us has a genuinely international approach.
Education, as most topics has numerous definitions and can be understood in many ways relating from small things to gigantic processes but simply put education helps us broaden our horizons, helps us to equip ourselves with knowledge, tools and skills that we need to survive as well as discover our surroundings. Education is one of the most important and fundamental rights of all human beings to be able to understand improve establish and share with others and help securing a better future for the future generations
Minds need to be changed and hearts need to be opened to be able to grasp the concepts in an effective way. To enable this, training is one the most efficient tools used. Training delivers the necessary tools and equipment needed for individuals to reorganize their lives accordingly and structure the world to suit their lives assuring value and nurture fundamental concepts such as love and care. Whilst it is the rights of all individuals to receive such knowledge, training and an education; it is not the case in most cases as some Individuals due to unavoidable circumstances do not receive them. This includes both male and female in some poor countries and countries that are affected by war, famine, and lack of resources.
To be able to solve problems arising in daily activities, individuals need to analyze their atmosphere using what they have been taught and use their exceptional skills and tools to empower themselves to their betterment. Only by training and education can individuals be successful in their lives which in turn develops society, protects them, and nourishes them. Your knowledge of both finance and soft skills with DS Learning will prepare you for the next step. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to hone your skills, we have the perfect training and coaching for you. We offer a wide range of training courses to improve your skills and help you get ahead. Education is vitally important, and learning doesn’t stop when you leave school. At DS Learning Academy we believe everyone should have the opportunity to be lifelong learners.

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We don’t just teach, we consult.

Our Academy takes a unique approach to teaching. Unlike most courses, where they operate a one-size-fits-all approach, we believe that everyone needs individual attention to succeed and therefore each course and program is designed exactly to fit your needs. Every person signing up with us will have a consultation with one of our team members. The lecturer or tutor will then design the course specifically for you. This potential course content will be presented to you in an understandable, clear format to ensure you are happy with the program - and you’ll be given the chance to make any changes where you see fit. Once you are 100% happy with the design, our professional team will deliver the course to you, ensuring maximum results.

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Develop your expertise, wherever you are.

DS Learning Academy is perfect for you if you’re looking to develop your skillset and not have to worry about traveling somewhere to do it. All of our options are delivered online. We think that online training is probably even better than ‘real-life’ training. Studies have shown that you’re far more likely to engage and participate when you’re in familiar surroundings.

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Global training delivered directly to you.

As our world evolves, we know that more and more training, courses, and education will be delivered remotely. By attending a course with us, you’ll not only be developing your financial acumen, but it also means that you’ll be adapting to remote delivery and the technological skills that naturally develop. This allows you to stay relevant and current in today’s ever-changing economic climate. Our priority is always the well-being of our students, both mentally and physically. Therefore we are currently running all of our consultations, courses, and programs remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice.

Engage with relevant, real-world content.

Be assured, that when you enroll with DS Learning Academy, you’ll be enrolling in an engaging, enjoyable course. We want our students to come away full of energy, ready, and inspired to put their newfound abilities into practice. Working with us means working with a trusted organization that offers experienced trainers, an in-depth understanding of financial matters, and integrity.

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    Latest Blog


    25,July , 2022 by Admin

    The first thing that comes to our minds when we are talking about the importance of education and training is that it fosters knowledge, skills and attitudes that enhance the value of professionals at workplace. Trained employees add value.

    In a knowledge economy acquiring knowledge is supreme. In a corporate world where constant transformation is the common standard, workers need to dive into a constant flow of learning in order to respond to the never ending demand of new technologies and tools. Only competent people can live up to the challenges they are faced with in their everyday work life. When corporations assume that training is the key to success, they invest in their work force. If companies want experts, they need to offer training. (more…)


    25,July , 2022 by Admin

    We tend to think that driving change in business is a tedious endeavour. Changing minds and taking action is complicated. We are aware of the complexity of change in business, yet we find real examples that show us otherwise.

    Change – A success story. There is a fascinating story of a manager who successfully changed the mediocre purchasing policy of his company. Spending millions of dollars on items that made no sense was a major waste for the company. All he had to overcome was the board of directors who refused to believe in the opportunity of change. (more…)


    11,May , 2022 by Admin

    Some concepts in business jargon are having a hard time to get rid of undesirable connotations, such as “Soft Skills”. In a tough corporate world dominated by tough people, “soft” sounds like weak, hesitant, not strong enough, “goody-goody”, undemanding, permissive, lax, ineffective, … you name it. From that point of view, obviously Soft Skills seem tremendously non-priority skills.

    Nevertheless, as I have observed in my professional practice, behind these ideas lies a lack of knowledge and deeper understanding of the relevance, necessity, and impact of Soft Skills in business and team management. (more…)